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As in the picture above, drawing back slightly higher on the string with a second peep hole for alignment, allows an archers shoulder plane and anchor point to remain the same while adding 60-70 yards per pin. Imagine shooting your 30 yard pin, with your 30 yard form, at 100 yards. 

The 3Dpeepsight system is designed to keep the elements of an archery shot unchanged. 

An adjustment made on the frontside of a bow requires an adjustment to be made by the archer...aiming higher.

An adjustment made on the backside of a bow...doesn't.

So, rather than lowering an actual bow sight to shoot farther, which then requires an archer to aim higher, the 3Dpeepsight system makes a 1-1/8" adjustment on the backside of the bow, much like a scope does on a rifle. Drawing back from the top D-loop 1-1/8" higher on the string allows the archer to maintain the comfortability of the same anchor point and shoulder plane, without aiming higher. The arrow is always nocked in the bottom D-loop every shot, so it leaves the bow from the same place on the string....every shot.  (www.bowhunting.com video)

Installation is simple. Just replace your single hole peep sight with the bottom hole of the 3Dpeepsight and tie a second D-loop 1-1/8 inches above your existing D-loop. (installation video)

Because the holes of the 3Dpeepsight are the same distance apart as both D-loops, a natural line of sight is achieved through each peep hole. Simply draw back from the bottom D-loop and look through the bottom peep hole. Draw back from the top D-loop and look through the top peep hole, just as the above picture shows.

The bottom D-loop and bottom peep hole represent your existing pin distances. The top D-loop and top peep hole represent your pins at further distances. See our Distance Guide to get a jump start on what your approximate distances will be using the top D-loop and top peep hole.

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Bow hunting, long range shooting and bow competition has never been better! Compound bows, bow targets, bow sights, arrow rests, and other innovative archery products have improved tremendously. So put it all together and maximize your archery experience with the 3Dpeepsight shooting system.



Two Archery World Records! - watch Roy Durbins 9 minute interview video

Roy Durbin takes out the new World Record Sambar Stag and Whitetail at 75 yards with his 3Dpeepsight! - Bowhunting Down Under  Read Durbin Story Here

Roy Durbin bought his 3Dpeepsight in March 2012 and in May 2012 he took the first Australian Whitetail ever registered with SCI with his 3Dpeepsight! He has 120 SCI animals and has taken every animal of the South Pacific with his bow. The J.J. Malek Award has never been awarded to a hunter who has obtained these trophies with a bow.  He will apply.

"I love this thing.  I have no ownership in the company, and have never met the owner/designer, but it’s the best piece of equipment I have ever put on my bow.  My longest kill previously was 50 yards.  With the 3Dpeepsight system, I was shooting accurately at 125 yards and I was totally, 100% confident that when I shot this whitetail at 75 yards it was going to go down.” 

Roy Durbin, Colorado



The 3DPeepsight is patent pending and made in the USA!

The 3Dpeepsight mission is all about you: to maximize the archery experience by improving shooting accuracy to increase participation worldwide.